OUR History

After serving as a member of the United States Navy Construction Battalion (CB), Harry C. Schwebke founded a small land surveying firm in 1947 to take part in the development boom occurring in South Florida during the post-war era. His experiences as a “Seabee”—building bases, paving roadways and airstrips, and working on a wide variety of military construction projects—ultimately branded him a land surveying pioneer in South Florida.

In the early 1950s, the firm’s addition of two young brothers out of the University of Miami irrevocably changed its landscape. Richard P. Shiskin and James P. Shiskin became the firm’s first members to become registered as both professional surveyors and professional engineers. Subsequent to this, the company’s name was changed to Schwebke-Shiskin & Associates, Inc. (SS&A) With the new ability to provide civil engineering services, the firm became a highly sought-out option for land development in South Florida.

SS&A grew exponentially from the late fifties to the mid-sixties, expanding from approximately 10-20 employees to well over 100. The high demand for surveying services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Dade prompted the company to increase its forces to thirty full surveying crews simultaneously working out of multiple offices. While land surveying and land planning continued to haul in the bulk of the company’s income, the civil engineering branch quietly expanded on its own accord. This included landing contracts with the Army Corp. of Engineers for their development of the South Florida canal systems and many road and highway design projects with Metro-Dade County, the Florida State Road Department, and various private land developers.

The late sixties and early seventies brought an end to the craze of the post-war building boom reducing the work force required. Fortunately, SS&A’s outstanding reputation enabled the firm to continue to generate a steady work-flow. They assisted some of the largest land developers in South Florida to construct the infrastructure and sub-divisions which would eventually become incorporated towns and cities, such as the City of Sunrise, the Town of Miami-Lakes, Pembroke Lakes, and Countrywalk, to name a few.

Forty years in the workforce proved to be enough for the Shiskin brothers, and with the emergence of suitable successors, the torch was passed down to Alfonso C. Tello, Robert “Bob” F. Jackson and now to Hernando J. Navas and Mark Jackson. For the better part of two decades, they continued down the path of growth and excellence laid out by their predecessors. With the retirement of Jackson in 2006 and now Tello in 2015, Mark and Hernando assumed the role of company principles. Together they continue to practice the core values and visions that have made Schwebke-Shiskin & Associates one of the premier consulting firms in South Florida for over half a century.